Parish Council Meeting 26th September at 7pm

Meeting Agenda

Meeting of Nailstone Parish Council on Wednesday 26th September 2018, 7.00 PM in the Parish  Church, Nailstone

465. Resolution to receive apologies for absence
466. Resolution to receive declarations of interest on items on the agenda
467. County Councillor/Borough Councillor/Police reports
468. Public Questions – 10 minutes – members of the public are invited to address the council in respect of business itemised on the agenda. Matters raised but not itemised on the agenda can be noted by councillors BUT no decisions can be made by the council in this session other than to refer the matter to the next agenda for debate by the council.
469. Resolution to approve and sign the updated minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 25th July
470. Resolution to approve payment of outstanding accounts & singing of updated bank mandate
471. To discuss litter bins and agree actions
472. To discuss relocation of Main Street nameplate and agree actions
473. Update from working party meeting regarding play/exercise equipment on The Oval
474. Update on Christmas tree and agree any further actions
475. Update on lamp post poppies and agree any further actions
476. To discuss planning application 18/0081/CONDIT – variation of conditions 2 and 3 of planning permission 18/00034/HOU to replace the first floor rear window with a circular window and to amend the materials of the existing and proposed roof tiles at 28 The Oval, Nailstone and agree response
477. To discuss updated planning application 18/00798/HOU – first floor rear balcony at 32 Main Street, Nailstone and agree response
478. To discuss planning application 18/00780/FUL – log cabin for use as holiday let at Pinewood, Overton Road, Nailstone and agree response
479. Parish Councillor Updates
480. Date of next meeting – • Wednesday 28th November 2018, 7.00 PM

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