Parish Council Draft Minutes 26/09/2018

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 7.00 PM in the Parish Church, Nailstone

Cllr Cox, Cllr Higgott, McCarthy-Young, Cllr Crane, Cllr Harrison, Cllr Crooks, 5 members of the public and the clerk.

Cllr Cox opened the meeting at 7.00 PM and reminded members of the public that whilst the parish council are not recording the meeting it had been brought to the attention of councillors that members of the public have been recording parish council meetings but that it had not been declared and members of the public should be aware that this is happening.

465/2018 – Resolution to receive apologies for absence
• Cllr Ould

466/2018 – Resolution to receive declarations of interest on items on the agenda
• N/A

467/2018 – County/Borough Councillor & Police reports
• A copy of the reports from Cllr Ould and Cllr Crooks were circulated to councillors, there was no specific Police report for incidents during the month.

468/2018 – Public Questions
Members of the public were asked to declare their name when addressing the Chairman if they
wished for their name to be minuted in this section of the meeting, if they did not want their name
mentioned they need not declare it.
• A member of the public asked about the proposed traffic calming in the village and commented on the camera’s that Sharnford have and whether these were something that the parish council could look into. The Chair reported that the traffic calming plan for Main Street is an indicative plan and Highways are in the process of carrying out further assessments. The Chair confirmed that a site visit had been carried out with Highways in relation to traffic calming measures at other areas in the village and that they had commented that they would not advocate speed cushions. Councillors agreed that traffic remains an ongoing concern in the village and it was agreed that we would continue discussions with Highways.
Cllr Crooks reported that the cameras being installed at Sharnford are part of a new average speed camera pilot that is being carried out with an aim to alleviate safety concerns across the county. The new devices are being installed in Sharnford, Walcote, Oadby, Groby, Measham, Woodhouse Eaves and Wyfordby as part of a year-long trial to discourage motorists from speeding. The speed cameras – set to be switched on this September – will cover four villages and three key main and rural routes which have various issues and concerns around speeding and safety.
The 12-month trial and enforcement costs around £500,000 and the Government have been asked to consider allowing councils to keep some of the camera fines so that this could be used to roll out this type of enforcement across the county.

469/2018 – Resolution to approve and sign minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of the 25th July 2018
The minutes of the meetings were circulated prior to the meeting and draft versions added to the website. Councillors approved the minutes and the approved copies will be uploaded onto the website and put on the noticeboard.

470/2018 – Resolution to approve payment of outstanding accounts
The clerk presented the following cheques for authorisation totalling £4,072.83. Councillors reviewed invoices and approved payments.

BACS   GCW Power Installations Installation of benches and noticeboards £1,200.00
101414 EON Electricity & lighting £49.92
101415 Bosworth Groundcare & Maintenance Grounds maintenance – July/August £1,095.00
101416 John Wm Preston & Sons Grounds maintenance £782.84
101417 Helen Chadwick Clerks salary x 2 months + travel (£323.42 x 2 + £19.20 x 2) £685.23
Stationary = £194.84
Broadband contribution = £65.00

471/2018 – To discuss litter bins and agree actions
The Chair reported that we currently have one litter bin on Veros Lane on lamp post 2. The Chair had completed a site visit and taken photos. Previous requests were to have a bin at the entrance to the path from Vero’s lane leading into the Oval. The Chair showed photos of the lamp post currently there that is overgrown with a hedge. The Chair highlighted that there is a bin at the top of the Oval that residents could use if using the Oval as a cut through or the one on lamp post 2 if continuing onto Main street along Vero’s lane. Councillors agreed to leave the bin in current position on Vero’s Lane and look to purchasing a bin for Main Street siting it in close proximity to the post box as this is the only area not covered. There was a concern that this area may become crowded due to installation of new sign therefore Councillors agreed that once the new village sign is in place we could look for a suitable location for a bin. Cllr Crooks and the clerk commented that bins are being removed if they appear not to be being used in order to save the cost of them being emptied. The clerk also commented that any new bin would need the necessary permissions as potentially it will not be in the exact location that the previous bin was sited. It was agreed that the clerk would circulate details of bin designs to councillors and that this would be discussed again at the November meeting.

472/2018 – To discuss the relocation of Main Street nameplate and agree actions
The Chair reported that the parish council had received a request to remove the heritage nameplate that was fixed to the wall of a residential property. The Chair explained that there had always been a street nameplate attached the wall of the property and that when the parish council received their funding for heritage nameplates the clerk worked with the Conservation Department, Highways and Street Scene Services to ensure that all the necessary measures were taken and that the correct permissions where in place before the nameplates were installed. It was noted that the clerk received confirmation that because the nameplates were replacements and that permission was already in place that no further permission was needed.
The Chair asked the property owner whether he was prepared to explain why he wanted the sign moving and he was in agreement to discuss. Cllr Higgott asked why he wanted the sign moving now when he had been in the property for approximately 12 months and the sign was in place when he purchased the property. The property owner commented that the sign is too low to the ground and people do not see and he receives a lot of deliveries from people who think his property is on Church Road and that if the parish council do not remove the sign he will do it

It was reported that the clerk had received costs of £115 + VAT to remove the sign and £165 + VAT to reinstall the sign. It was also reported that Highways have carried out a site assessment and the only other place that it could be located would be outside number 4 Main Street. Cllr Harrison asked whether it would be possible to move the Church Road nameplate further down and to replace it with the Main Street nameplate. Councillors agreed that this would be possible but that there are cost implications in the region of £500 to do this. A member of the parish commented that they did not think that parish funds should be spent moving the sign. The Chair commented that the property owner had offered to contribute towards the cost of having the sign removed and asked whether he was still prepared to do this. The property owner confirmed that he was not.

Cllr Higgott commented that we do not have the funds to move the nameplates and proposed that the sign main where it is. This was seconded by Cllr Crane and councillors were in agreement. It was suggested that when the precept for 19/20 is discussed this could be included in the discussions.

473/2018 – Update from working party meting regarding play/exercise equipment of The Oval
The Chair reported that councillors had had a working party meeting to discuss the possibility of installing some play/exercise equipment on The Oval and that it had been agreed that we would work with the various departments at HBBC and LCC to ascertain what they would allow on the space and what planning permissions would be needed. Councillors agreed that once they had this information and some design ideas and costs in place they would carry out a consultation with residents, with the support of HBBC. In the meantime they would consider further equipment in Church Meadow.

Cllr Harrison asked whether The Oval was a designated air ambulance site, councillors were not aware that it was but that further investigation would be done.

Cllr Crane reported that he had received two quotes for a swing and piece of exercise equipment for Church Meadow and was looking for a third and that he was working with the relevant departments to ensure that initial plans would be acceptable.

474/2018 – Update on Christmas tree and agree any further actions
Cllr Higgott reported that she had approached the contractor in relation to the delivery of a 15ft/20ft Christmas tree during week commencing the 26th November and that he had confirmed that the cost would be the same as the previous year. Cllr Cox proposed that we proceed with ordering the tree and this was seconded by Cllr Crane.

475/2018 – Update on lamp post poppies and agree any further actions
The clerk reported that since submitting our order for lamp post poppies she had received notification that the Royal British Legion had run out of the poppies. They are hoping to receive additional stock at the beginning of October and the clerk will be informed as soon as possible whether our order can be fulfilled.
Councillors asked the clerk to keep them informed and to ensure that the two poppy wreaths for
Church Meadow would be ordered.

476/2018 – To discuss planning application 18/0081/CONDIT – variation of conditions 2 and 3 of planning permission 18/00034/HOU to replace the first floor rear window with a circular window and to amend the materials of the existing and proposed roof tiles at 28 The Oval, Nailstone and agree response
The clerk circulated a copy of the planning application prior to the meeting. Councillors discussed the application and it was noted that they had no further comments.

477/2018 – To discuss updated planning application 18/00798/HOU – first floor rear balcony at 32 Main Street, Nailstone and agree response
The clerk circulated a copy of the planning application prior to the meeting. Councillors discussed the application and it was noted that they had no further comments.

478/2018 – To discuss planning application 18/00780/FUL – log cabin for use as holiday let
at Pinewood, Overton Road, Nailstone and agree response
The clerk circulated a copy of the planning application prior to the meeting. Councillors discussed the application and agreed that they had concerns about the future use of the cabin and that a condition should be put in place to ensure that it can only be used as a holiday let.

479/2018 – Parish Councillor Updates
Cllr Crane reported that:
• Planning permission had been given for the tree on the corner of Church Lane and Main Street to be cut back but that no work has been done. It was suggested that Cllr Crooks liaise with planning to ensure that enforcement is carried out.

McCarthy-Young reported that:
• Concerns have been noted about the building of two properties at the back of the new homes on Main Street. It was reported that the buildings are bungalows and that they do have the necessary planning permission.

Cllr Harrison reported that:
• There has only been one dog foul incident reported.
• There has only been one HGV reported by the public.
• There had been an incident involving a dog that has escaped from a contractor working at a property, the dog had got out and killed chickens of a neighbouring property. Cllr Harrison reported that the dog escaped a second time and that it had been reported to the Dog Warden who had taken the dog away. The dog owner was given a fine and the dog returned to him.
• There was concern about the street light that is not working on Barton Lane. The Chair reported that this is parish council owned street light and that it has been reported by the Clerk. It can take up to six weeks from notification for the works to be completed.

480/2018 – Date of next meeting
The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday 28th November 2018 at 7.00 PM

The Chair closed the meeting at 20:10 PM.
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