Nailstone Nativity Panto Bingo or Nanto

The first Nativity was performed by so-called grown up villagers in the Bulls Head on Thursday 20th December to an adoring audience. It was a Nativity ‘Panto’, hereafter known as the Nanto.

Following yonder star to a stable in Nailstone!

Narrator Tim Shaw wrote the script, setting the Christmas Story in a future Nailstone, imagining that King Charles and Queen Camilla are on the throne, at a time when the government are repatriating people back to their homelands after Brexit. In true ‘Panto’ style the audience were required to interact and participate- including listening out for numbers in the script to mark off their bingo cards. There were 6 winners! Thank you Claire for the prizes

In fact there were calls to do another one next year…..

Here are a few more photos:

Zacharia and Elizabeth being grilled by Jeremy Kyle
Zacharia and Elizabeth Baptiste, (Alec and Jen)
Mary and Joseph On the Jeremy Kyle Show (Sally and Rob)
I’m Sheba the Shepherdess, Pleased to meet you. Is that your donkey in the car park?
Marlene ready to bring on the scene stealing sheep! after all “Me Mam says you always have to bring a present when you visit a new baby!”
Sheba, Angel Gabriel and a couple of shepherd lads (Angela, Sharon, Jen and Alec)
The 3 wise men bringing gifts (Bernie, Angela and Sharon). can you spot the script glued to the parcels?
The 3 kings travelled to Buckingham Palace, interrupting the couple watching Game of Thrones. No baby here… Camilla will instruct 007 to seek out all new born boys, Herod-Style

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