Nailstone Community Group Minutes 27/09/2018

Nailstone Community Group Minutes 27.09.18

Present: Alec, Deryck, Janet, Dan, Sharon, Tim, Phil, Sam, Pete, Bob, Sarah T, Annie, Tony, Cath


  • Nothing to report.
  • Change to a historic calendar.
  • Sharon will take ownership of project.
  • Kathy has loads of photographs to select from.

Litter pick

  • Dan is arranging equipment
  • Meet at 10am
  • Members who can do it: Janet, Alec, possibly Sarah T,

Indulgence Day

  • Cath has got fliers
  • Being delivered via graphic in Desford, Barlestone and Nailstone.
  • Bagworth, Ibstock and Newbold Verdon need doing.
  • Cath to put up a note up on facebook and we sign up to where we will do.
  • Wants the leafleting to happen a few weeks before hand.

Pudding Club

  • 4th Monday of each month (Last Monday of the month.)
  • Next meeting – Catharine, Lorna, Sarah F doing puddings.
  • Pudding club would like to build a collection of nice bowls so can people keep an eye for nice bowls.
  • Sharon’s facebook post said:

Last night we had a PUDDING CLUB in the side room of the Bulls Head, with a view to roll it out to everyone next time. The tables were gingham set, and five people brought puddings to share. We brought our own dishes and spoons then sampled each pudding: Janet brought a trifle: Alec brought an apple crumble made from his “Annie Elizabeth” apples; Tim brought apple and Nailstone blackberry crumble; Sam brought a Delia recipe bread and butter pudding and Tony made a tarte Normande (almonds sponge) made from Alec’s pears. All were delicious. So we want to repeat the event monthly on the 4th Monday of the month. We need 4-5 people to make and donate a pudding, with anyone welcome to come and have their pudding at the pub, making a donation to a charity(suggestions welcome) .
Nearer the time we’ll ask how many people would like to come and or donate, taking it in turns to make a pudding
Thanks to everyone who made a pudding and to Claire for making the room so nice and for making us welcome. It was a pleasant evening

It would be good to build a quirky collection of pudding bowls to use- I’m sure many of us have one or two bowls that don’t match anything that could be donated… We decided this would be nicer and more environmentally friendly that plastic or paper bowls
Long post over
Almost – 
Kathleen Elkin could you post your picture please?’


  • Next time maybe we could choose a charity to donate to.

Christmas Tree Festival

Nailstone Community group have a window at the festival.

Sharon is already in discussion with Sally the florist.

Friday set up and open to the public on a Saturday.

Christmas Tree Trail

  • Not sure if this will go ahead this year but as a trial we, as the group, could decorate 12 windows in twelve of our houses themed in the twelve days of Christmas.
  • Sharon to put together some materials to show what she means.

Marquee 20th October

  • Shall we have a skittle event on the Sunday 21st?
  • Tim put forward and we all agreed that in the future, we ask for a bit of man power and a donation that the people hiring it think is appropriate.

Community Collection

  • Tim has suggested that once we have access to the shed we create a ‘community’ collection of things such as tools, hedge trimmer etc that households only use once in a blue moon but that we can all share and people make a small donation for that.
  • We might need to extend the shed.
  • Janet knows someone with a staff discount who works for a tool company.

The amplifier

  • Keep the amplifier at the Bulls Head so it is here for Bingo, Quiz night etc.

Parish Council

  • Trying to set up a process on the parish council website for people to report issues with lighting.
  • Dog poo – only one report in two months. Are conditions improving?
  • HGV Side – only one report over the last two months after Tony stepping back. Do we no longer have an issue?
  • Group and Parish council possibly need to bring these issues back into people’s minds.
  • Need to notify Tony if we see HGVs and dog poo.
  • Could we do a leaflet in the graphic do let residents know the process again? Or use the newsletter.






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