Minutes from 19/04/2018 Meeting

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Nailstone Community Group Minutes 19.04.18

Present: Janet, Bob, Tony, Deryck, Dan, Sarah F, Wendy, Sam, Phil, Tim, Sharon, Alec, Nicki

Quiz – Satuarday 21st

  • Quiz is fully prepared – Thank you Tim.
  • As usual £5 per team and £10 for the winner.
  • Do a raffle.

1st Bank Holiday Event (5th May)

  • Dan will be point of contact for dropping of picker uppers and rubbish collection.
  • Equipment ordered for 25 people.
  • Council wants us to take loads of photos and they will support us.
  • Facebook event created

Actions – Need big push advertising

Saturday May 19th

  • Royal wedding & FA Cup final to be live streamed
  • Put up marquee ready, black out material required (leave up ready for next week)
  • Bring your own picnic/food – plus chip van in the evening
  • Advertise in newsletter & Facebook

Late Bank Holiday (Saturday 26th May)

  • Beer and skittles in marquee on the Saturday evening.
  • Afternoon events – children’s games etc. from last year’s bonanza
  • Agreed food from Meg’s
  • Tickets agreed for £10 each which will give food & 1 raffle plus entry
  • Skittles teams to be drawn at random
  • Additional games on the night
  • Raffle prizes required
  • All above in conjunction with Jim’s beet festival for the weekend

June – Tour de Nailstone

  • Possibly Gate, Rising Sun and the Horse and Jockey.

Garage Sale – Saturday 30th June

  • Church happy to be signing in point & to do teas etc.
  • Leaflet the event separately, put on village website, Facebook etc. and see who wants to participate and then create map.

Actions –Needs to go in May graphic and approach Bob to put sign on his grass so people going past village can see, contact other villages too?

Dog Poo

  • None reported at the moment.
  • Parish clerk has put a notice up on parish website
  • Need to encourage people to report any dog poo issues to street scene rather than Hinckley and Bosworth Council.

Actions – Tony to do Facebook & newsletter post. Will photograph first spray to advertise campaign.

History Group

  • Kathy is happy to resurrect but does not want to run it.
  • Kathy will write a little bit for next newsletter.
  • Kathy will do a walk around the village for those interested in history of village.
  • Kathy already has a few ideas for initial tasks for the group.

Actions – Need to create a facebook post about it.

Newsletter – to be completed before Tuesday 24th


  • Pub – Alec to provide
  • Book club
  • Litter pick
  • History group – Kathy to provide
  • Annual Parish meeting – 23/5/18 7-8.30pm – PC to provide
  • Update for dog poo & HGV’s – Tony to provide
  • May 19th & 25th events – Sarah
  • Plug & play – Alec
  • Website & new logo (thanks to Richard) – Sam to confirm details for logo

Other business

  • Dan rang street scene – will redo stencils and will put up more eye signs for dog poo.
  • Speed Watch – 14th August? – Claire to confirm slot is still available
  • Tim to organise visit to Snarestone church.
  • Teddy bears picnic/treasure hunt – Sharon to develop idea
  • Additional volunteer required to update website


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