Minutes from 12/04/2018 Meeting

Nailstone Community Group Minutes 12.04.18

Present: Janet, Bob, Tony, Deryck, Sarah T, Claire, Pete, Dan, Sarah F, Wendy, Sam, Phil, Tim, Alec, Nicki

Quiz – 21/04/2018

  • Quiz is fully prepared – Thank you Tim.
  • As usual £5 per team of up to 4 and £10 for the winner.
  • Do a raffle.

Plug and Play

  • Tuesday 17th April
  • 8.30pm gathering

Actions – Dan will create event on Facebook.

1st Bank Holiday Event (May 5th)

  • Sarah has messaged Rob at Street Scene HBBC. Very pleased that we are litter picking again.
  • Dan will be point of contact for dropping of picker uppers and rubbish collection.
  • Equipment ordered for 25 people.
  • Council wants us to take loads of photos and they will support us.

Actions – Need big push advertising – Graphic? Message school and see if they want to get involved, Facebook event.

Late Bank Holiday

  • Beer and skittles in marquee on the Saturday evening.
  • Afternoon event possibly.

June – Tour de Nailstone

  • Possibly Gate, Rising Sun and the Horse and Jockey.

Garage Sale – Saturday 30th June

  • Need to agree central point to start
  • Leaflet the event separately, put on village website, Facebook etc and see who wants to participate and then create map.

Actions –Needs to go in May graphic and approach Bob B to put sign on his grass so people going past village can see, contact other villages too?

Dog Poo

  • None reported at the moment.
  • Parish clerk has put a notice up on parish website
  • Need to encourage people to report any dog poo issues to street scene rather than Hinckley and Bosworth Council.

Actions – Tony to do Facebook post. Will photograph first spray to advertise campaign.

History Group

  • Kathy is happy to resurrect but does not want to run it.
  • Kathy will write a little bit for next newsletter.
  • Kathy will do a walk around the village for those interested in history of village.
  • Kathy already has a few ideas for initial tasks for the group.

Actions – Need to create a Facebook post about it.


Parish council will pay £100 towards printing of newsletters.


  • Pub
  • Book club
  • Litter pick
  • History group

Other business

  • Dan rang street scene – they will redo stencils and will put up more eye signs for dog poo.
  • Speed Watch – 14th August? – Claire to remind them of location of Barton Lane
  • Tim to organise visit to Snarestone church.


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