Minutes from 07/06/2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 07/06/2018

Nailstone Community Minutes 07.06.18

Present: Alec, Deryck, Janet, Sarah F, Pete, Dan, Claire, Bob, Sarah T, Phil, Sam


  • Cheque gratefully received from Parish Council to contribute towards printing costs.
  • Cash from bank of Tupperware to be banked and to keep £100 as a float.

Garage Sale

  • 15 people have signed up to the map so far.
  • Advertised in Graphic.
  • Next week make decision about flyer around the village for garage sale.
  • Ask Dean at Graphic how much it would be to get a banner printed.

Action: Bob to speak to Ray about church and teas at garage sale.


First History Group Meeting

  • A huge thank you to Kathy for a superb first event.
  • £19.65 was donated to the church
  • 29 people attended the history event.
  • Next date to be decided when people back from holidays.

WW1 Centenary

  • Community group to donate £30 to poppies on lampposts.

Action – Sarah F to suggest Helen to contact school and WI to see if they wish to be involved in poppy sponsorship. Also community group to offer assistance with putting poppies up.

Flower Festival

  • 21st July – theme is local industries.
  • Sharon is doing a flower display.


  • Bill Crooks has sent through details of a grant available. Sarah F to forward details.

Christmas Card/Calendar/Teatowel

  • Claire to find out pricing of tea towels, Christmas cards and calendar from Dean at graphic.
  • Put photograph competition in the next newsletter – best 13 photos become the calendar.
  • Possibly use historical pictures too.

Parish Garden

  • Residents are upset to see the state of the parish garden.
  • Everything has been strimmed including the flower beds.
  • Possibility of chemicals have been laid, white stuff visible, on herb plants.

Actions – Alec to email parish council about state of parish garden.

Village Tidy

Litter pick and village today – Saturday 7th July.

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