Minutes from 05/04/2018 Meeting

Nailstone Community Group Minutes 05.04.18

Present: Deryck, Tim, Alec, Dan, Sam, Phil, Stephen, Tony, Sharon, Bob, Sarah T

Easter Event with the Church and Community Group

  • Huge praise and thanks to Sharon for her superb work on the Easter Egg hunt.
  • It was felt that the event went well. People seemed to enjoy themselves.
  • It felt that the event was well supported from a help point of view. Many thanks to everyone.
  • The event was very well attended possibly due to the poor weather preventing people from travelling further away at Easter weekend.
  • 21 children took part compared to 15/16 last year. (Nice mix of children and grandchildren.)
  • The bags that Wendy made were beautiful. She made about 25 bags and they had clearly taken a lot of time to make. People were very surprised to be able to take away such a lovely bag.
  • Egg and Spoon challenge worked well as an added extra.

April Events

  • Saturday 21st April is the next quiz. (Not 28th April as there is poker in the pub.)
  • Alec has had suggestions from people that a weekday quiz night might be good – something to consider for the future.

First Bank Holiday

  • Litter pick only.
  • Go to the pub possibly afterwards for soup.

Late Bank Holiday – Beer and Skittles

  • 26th/27th Event – Children events in the afternoon and then skittles in the evening and faggots and peas possibly from Inghams.
  • Jim has confirmed that this will be fine with him and he will try and swing a bit of beer festival into it too.
  • Dan will hand over Splat the Rat for someone to run.


  • Tour de Nailstone – Meeting up and going on a bike ride to a pub somewhere.

Garage Sale

  • Claire suggested save until August .Everyone agreed.
  • Needs to be well publicised and communicate with other villages too.
  • See if we can link up with the church and organise a tea too.

Any other business

  • Tony has been presented with Dog Poo spray, goggles and gloves to highlight any dog waste around the village.
  • Dan to ring for stencils.
  • If people see dog waste, alert Tony and he will spray it.

History Group

  • Bob’s wife would like to know if there is any interest. Should we advertise on facebook like we did for Book Club?
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