March 2018 Report to Parish Council from Councillor Bill Crooks


The Government is to allow a 20% increase in planning fees charged by local authorities.

Trade waste collection (which the council runs) is making a profit of £92k.

Parish Council Initiative fund it to increase up to £150k in 2019 with a contingency fund to finance very good schemes that come in and meet the criteria, but at present there are too many applications submitted, so scrutiny of schemes is very tight.

Bagworth Parish Council is the highest rated area, with Market Bosworth in 2nd place and Barlestone 3rd.  Newbold Verdon is 10th.

The Borough Council is showing a return of £300k on block ‘C’ of the Crescent and they are hoping to let the two remaining units.

The Borough Council is proceeding with the plans to build a Crematorium in the Borough and is looking to borrow £4.75m to fund this.

Fly Tipping

This is proving to be a major issue.  The County Council closure of it’s ‘bring’ sites and an increase in charges levied is being pointed at as the reason.  HBBC is showing an increase in fly tipping of 47%, with some 863 tips being collected at a cost of £33.340k in a year!  To try to counteract some of this, the Borough is proposing to bring down its charges for the collection of bulky waste.  3 large items (i.e. a 3 piece suit) will now cost £15.

Waste Management

The number of properties in the Borough has risen by 11.3% in 8 years, resulting in an extra 250k bins needing collection.  This means we can no longer absorb the extra increase of refuse, so an extra lorry and crew will need to be employed.  The Borough is having to purchase/rent a new fleet of vehicles as the existing fleet is becoming unreliable.  The council has set aside £320k towards this in 2018/19.  Dry recycling is to come ‘In House’ with the contract with ‘PALM’ coming to an end and major increases in costs being forecast for any future contracts as the previous contract was extremely favorable.

Conway County and Borough Council have voted to go to a 4 weekly collection to save £400k per year.  But they do collect food waste and nappies as a separate collection already.


Open Space & Recreation Study

The Borough Council is producing a list of all open spaces in the Parish areas with a map showing them.  This will include the quality of the open spaces, accessibility and distance to walk to these.  Members may remember we produced the results of one of these studies some years ago.

Councillor W J Crooks

Ward memeber for Barlestone, Nailstone & Osbaston

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