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Nailstone Colliery Plate

Nailstone is a former Gopsall Estate village which has seen limited changes since the estate was sold in 1927 and the properties gradually passed into private ownership, with the current buildings providing fine evidence of this historical and social development. The village contains several buildings of special interest, including All Saints Church, elegant village farmhouses and outbuildings, The Old Rectory, and Manor House, alongside a number of buildings with unique characteristics which are particular to the Gopsall Estate villages, including the use of eyebrow dormer windows.

A conservation area within Nailstone was designated by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council in September 2015.

The following document forms the conservation area appraisal and management plan for Nailstone: Appraisal and Management Plan

Mining Heritage – Nailstone Colliery

Nailstone Colliery closed in 1966: one of the old wheels is sited in the Church Meadow, as a reminder.

Miners were given commemorative plates and is a display of the Leicestershire coalfield plates at the Coalville Community Hospital.



Nailstone Local History Group

The Nailstone Local History Group was formed by a group of local villagers about 16 years ago. Some meetings and visits were held on an ad hoc basis and a survey of the graveyard was started. At the time, due to work and other commitments, the organising of meetings did not continue although the collection of ephemera and information has.

Exhibitions of photographs and objects in the church and at events has taken place as and when requested by event organisers e.g. for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Church Flower Festival, etc.

We would like to see if there is sufficient interest in reforming the History Group.

If you are interested in researching or learning about local Nailstone history then please email admin@nailstone.org.uk or come along to any of the Community Group meetings held every Thursday at 7:30pm in The Bull’s Head.


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