Criminal damage in the Millennium Garden (Church Meadow)?

Hopefully everyone will have seen Alec Duthie’s post, to the parish council, about the damage caused to the garden last week. Unfortunately this damage has continued today as can be seen from the following picture. The wholesale destruction of the garden, which has taken years to mature, is completely unacceptable.

As can be seen from the photos a nest was found amongst the cuttings which goes to show that this is completely the wrong time of year to undertake this work, especially to this extent.

What I think a large number of residents will want to know is who authorised this destruction and what are the plans to return the garden to the state it was in only last year. We are also aware that more work (destruction) is planned!!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the garden first hand I suggest they take a short walk round it to see what a truly disgusting state it is now in.

What is the cost to the community so far and how much more will it cost to return it to the state it once was?

I’ve also include a few photos from when the community group were last allowed to tend to the garden.

Before the destruction


June 13th, 2018 by