Community Group Meeting Minutes 14/06/2018

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Nailstone Community Group Minutes 14.06.18

Present: Sam, Stephen, Deryck, Bob, Jenny, Dan, Sarah T, Matt, Alec, Sarah F, Tim, Sharon and Kerry


  • Cheque paid into bank.
  • Cash from bank of Tupperware to be done late this week or early next week.

Garage Sale

  • 17 so far for the garage sale.
  • Ray fine with the church doing refreshments. Proceeds from refreshments will go to church funds.
  • Wendy, Joy and Catherine doing cake and tea.


Claire to push more on Facebook especially the roads where no one signed up yet.

Claire to ask Dean about the banner.

Find someone to collect map sale money and hand out maps.

History Group

  • Another history walk to hopefully be arranged for July for the people who missed the June one.


Find someone to run the history group.

Organise a centenary event for WW1. History group to lead this rather than NCG.  


Helen (parish council clerk) confirmed they had received email about £30 donation and she has emailed the school to see if they wanted to be involved.

Flower Festival

  • 21st July Sharon will be creating the arrangement on behalf of the NCG – Richard III. Location= window sill.
  • Alec offered rambling rose.


Sarah T to try and source toy soldiers through school.

Bear Hunt

  • How can we find out who is interested about the event?
  • Pombears going in each bag.
  • Sharon needs volunteers to help run the event.


Sarah F to contact the school and see if they can promote the event.

Grant from Biffa

  • Alec has registered us for a grant where you can get £75,000 towards a community hall as long as it is £200,000.

Christmas Bits

  • Ongoing

Parish Garden

  • Decimation has continued.

Plug and Play

  • Next plug and play is on 19th June and will start at 8.30pm


  • Sam, Sarah and Deryck Fri afternoon/evening
  • Dan has the speed gun.

Pub Group

  • Plan and five year cash flow progressing.
  • Reach fund application ready to go.
  • Invitation to apply to grant for leadership fund – £50,000.
  • Pub group meeting Fri pm.
  • If we want to get grant/loan from Plunkett then they want to know about social need. We need to find out what existing research there is about social need in the parish.
  • Alec has been spending time speaking to various groups such as Voluntary Action Leicestershire.




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