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April 10th, 2018 by Na1lst0n3

Nailstone Community Group Minutes 05.04.18

Present: Deryck, Tim, Alec, Dan, Sam, Phil, Stephen, Tony, Sharon, Bob, Sarah T

Easter Event with the Church and Community Group

  • Huge praise and thanks to Sharon for her superb work on the Easter Egg hunt.
  • It was felt that the event went well. People seemed to enjoy themselves.
  • It felt that the event was well supported from a help point of view. Many thanks to everyone.
  • The event was very well attended possibly due to the poor weather preventing people from travelling further away at Easter weekend.
  • 21 children took part compared to 15/16 last year. (Nice mix of children and grandchildren.)
  • The bags that Wendy made were beautiful. She made about 25 bags and they had clearly taken a lot of time to make. People were very surprised to be able to take away such a lovely bag.
  • Egg and Spoon challenge worked well as an added extra.

April Events

  • Saturday 21st April is the next quiz. (Not 28th April as there is poker in the pub.)
  • Alec has had suggestions from people that a weekday quiz night might be good – something to consider for the future.

First Bank Holiday

  • Litter pick only.
  • Go to the pub possibly afterwards for soup.

Late Bank Holiday – Beer and Skittles

  • 26th/27th Event – Children events in the afternoon and then skittles in the evening and faggots and peas possibly from Inghams.
  • Jim has confirmed that this will be fine with him and he will try and swing a bit of beer festival into it too.
  • Dan will hand over Splat the Rat for someone to run.


  • Tour de Nailstone – Meeting up and going on a bike ride to a pub somewhere.

Garage Sale

  • Claire suggested save until August .Everyone agreed.
  • Needs to be well publicised and communicate with other villages too.
  • See if we can link up with the church and organise a tea too.

Any other business

  • Tony has been presented with Dog Poo spray, goggles and gloves to highlight any dog waste around the village.
  • Dan to ring for stencils.
  • If people see dog waste, alert Tony and he will spray it.

History Group

  • Bob’s wife would like to know if there is any interest. Should we advertise on facebook like we did for Book Club?

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March 31st, 2018 by Na1lst0n3

Nailstone Community Group Minutes 29.03.18

Present: Janet, Cath, Tony, Alec, Deryck, Sarah T, Tim and Sharon

Group Social

  • It was an excellent night out. Enjoyed by all and we should do it more regularly.
  • Thank you Wendy for organising.

Easter Egg Hunt

  • Sharon has made Easter bonnets and has enough buckets.
  • Sharon has also done a quiz.
  • Helpers to arrive from 12.45pm at the church for a briefing for setting up and running event.
  • If weather dry, at 1pm ish then everything needs to be set up the same as last year. (Placing buckets with numbers in, around the garden.)
  • Need people in the garden to facilitate the children exploring. Also need runners to replace the numbers once children have presented them to Sharon.
  • Need people to do egg and spoon race.
  • People who can help so far: Sharon, Janet, Cath, Deryck, Sarah F, Alec possibly.
  • Sharon would like helpers to wear an Easter Bonnet if possible
  • Children have to collect all the numbers, go into the church and show their tokens to Sharon who will then swap the numbers for an egg. Sharon will also hand out quizzes.
  • Wendy (Sarah F’s mother in law) hopefully providing baskets for the children to collect their numbers in.
  • If wet then things will need to be set up inside. Decision to be made when everyone has gathered to set up.

Actions – Easter eggs for Richard’s  children – someone to confirm with Cath and Tony how many children Richard has as they have said they have extra eggs that they can give.

Dog Walk

  • Dog walk come rain or shine.
  • Route is Battram Woods – same route as Christmas 2016.
  • 10am congregate and 10.30am start for the walk. About 90 mins walk. Start at Tim and Sharon’s house.

Future Events Risk Assessments

  • Cath has sent list of events to the Parish council, May and June events, which the Parish council have agreed to.
  • In future, we will give them a pack three weeks before detailing if we needed any licenses, overview of event and any risk assessments.

Plug and Play

  • Alec is going to endeavour to keep it going on the third Tuesday of every month.
  • Need plenty of support to keep it going.

Book Club

  • 11th April – Sarah T to do facebook post as a reminder.
  • Cath not able to make next book club but would like to keep in touch. Her book suggestion for the hat – The Rosy Project By Grahame Simsion. (But might be too similar to Boy made of Blocks.)
  • Janet suggested Robert Goddard books.

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March 12th, 2018 by Na1lst0n3

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Nailstone Community Group Notes


Present: Sam, Deryck, Bob, Phil, Tim, Sharon, Cath, John, Nikki, Annie, Art, Alec

Book Club

Catherine would like the next host to step forward in time for the first meeting next Wednesday and ideas for choice of next book. She will post a message on Facebook.

Easter Events

  • Cath has bought some small and medium size eggs.
  • Deryck has donated 90 small eggs
  • Nothing yet for Richard & family as thanks for logo work
  • Church has advertised egg hunt
  • Parish Council have asked for risk assessment and traffic management plan by next Friday (16th)
  • Cath keen to progress this.
  • What have other groups done? Eg. Has Steve anything from Bagworth PC?
  • Sam will ask Teresa(?) (Nut and Squirrel) – may be able to sign it off on the day.
  • Sam has made FOI request to PC re. risk assessment and traffic management documentation provided by church for their events. Has also confirmed with H&B Events Co-ordinator that these docs are not required by them.

Rural Achievement Award – Community Engagement

  • Cath has printed off the application form.
  • No prize
  • Must book 2 tickets @ £35!

Pub update

  • Andrew (Janet’s son) has looked at survey and agrees that about £100k work probably required.
  • He won’t be able to offer significant amount of support but is happy to do what he can.

Use of Garden

  • May scale back programme of events
  • Requirement for detailed risk assessments and traffic management plans seems unduly onerous.


  • Sam has sent HD and colour logos to Dan & Sarah

Bingo Night – 17th March

  • Tim is happy to do the calling if no other offers.
  • Not sure who has the (miniature) bingo equipment.
  • Jim will ask Marlene if she can call.

Next Parish Council Meeting 28th March

If anyone would like to request items for the agenda they should let Helen know by 21st March.

Dog Walk – Good Friday

No need to bring your own dog.


The benches from the Village/Parish/Church/Millennium Garden/Meadow/Green have been refurbished by Tim and Dan. After a few finishing touches they can be reinstalled. Anyone wishing to help should contact Tim/Dan.


Sam has resigned from the committee. I’m sure we would all like to thank her for all her work and inspiration over the past year and hope she will continue to join our activities.





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