Candidate – Stephen Smith

Local election in Nailstone on May the 2nd.

This gives the residents of Nailstone the opportunity to elect their Parish Council representatives for the next four years.

Having lived in the area for over twenty years, two of which have been in Nailstone since 2017, my wife and I have enjoyed local village life.

Prior to my retirement I spent some twenty five years service in Local Government. Retirement brought me the opportunity to enjoy a number of interesting pastimes one of which was to continue with government interaction, I decided therefore to become a Parish Councillor for Bagworth Thornton and Merry Lees.

I reluctantly resigned my position as Chairman for Bagworth and Thornton Parish Council after moving to Nailstone, however, the May elections now gives me the opportunity to stand for election in Nailstone. Should I be elected as a Parish Councillor, I would bring my experiences of Parish Council work to Nailstone.

Stephen Smith

April 11th, 2019 by Na1lst0n3