Candidate – Daniel Luczywo

As many of you will know I have lived in the village for the last 25 years or so, initially on Main Street and then, for the last 10 years, on Church Road. Most people will recognise me from seeing me walk my soppy Golden Retriever, Reggie.

For the last couple of years or so I’ve been heavily involved with the Nailstone Community Group helping organise various events e.g. the Western Bonanza, litter picking around the village, refurbishing the millennium seats in the garden, cleaning all the village road signs so that the overweight lorries could not argue that they hadn’t seen them and campaigning hard to save the bus service. As you can see I’m passionate about the village and rather than just moaning about ‘stuff’, which I admit I still do, I also get on and do.

Apart from the community group activities I’ve also been attending parish council meetings and have seen, first hand, that it needs a refresh. So now, with the first full Parish Council election in at least 50 years you all have a chance to choose who you want to represent you for the next four years.

There’s only so much a Parish Council can do but our council needs to be Open, Transparent and it needs to consult and listen to the people it represents. All these have been severely lacking in the years I’ve lived here.

If elected as a Parish Councillor I have some ‘pet’ projects that I’d like the council to do but remember it’s the council and not individual councillors that have to agree to do anything.

I’d like the council to revisit the possibility of purchasing the pub as it’s an important asset for the community.

I’d like the council to explore the possibility of Nailstone having a village hall.

I’d like the council to have a Facebook page so it can easily keep in touch with a large proportion of our population, both old and young, who make good use of this platform.

And, most importantly, I want the council to listen to you whether you’ve lived here all your life or just arrived..

My Facebook id is DanL so if you want to ask a question just message me.

And, finally, don’t forget to vote on Thursday 2nd May 2019 at the church, 7am to 10pm.

April 11th, 2019 by Na1lst0n3